If you’ve ever experienced a trauma, you might already have a good understanding about how it’s stored in the body. The womb, being the amazing organ that it is, has a distinctive way of coping with the traumas we experience. 

As women, the womb is central to our healing work. Energetically, the womb is the powerhouse of our creativity and flow. Think of what a life creating organ can do when it’s not spending energy making a baby! When it’s aligned and clear, you get to direct all that energy inward and fill up on your own vibrancy. 

Physically, the womb is a hollow organ. Hollow organs are energetically unique. Think of them like a vacuum almost. It will fill up with whatever energy is around unless we intentionally fill it with something else. This can sometimes mean that the fear, helplessness or sadness you felt when you were experiencing a trauma can sometimes stick around, inside the womb space. When challenging emotions and memories hang around inside the womb space, this can lead to physical and emotional symptoms. From heavy, crampy periods, to more serious reproductive health issues, the womb can be pretty responsive when it’s having an issue. Emotionally, women with trauma stored in their wombs may continue experiencing emotions connected with that trauma until the trauma is released from the womb. 

Because the womb is suspensory, it can also physically shapeshift, as it needs, in order to protect itself and respond to a trauma. Again, as a hollow organ, the womb can fold up, curl up, bend over, move left and right and up and down. For instance, the womb can leave it’s usual upright position, held snugly between the many ligaments that hold it in place, and physically curl into the fetal position to protect us during a trauma. Wombs in alignment mean flow and health, so this is the goal!

Someone once reminded me to look at how much suffering we find acceptable. When it comes to looking at trauma, many of us believe that our suffering is inevitable. From personal and professional experience, I’ve seen that suffering doesn’t have to be inevitable. In Wise Womb healing sessions (link), we let our bodies direct us how to heal. We slow down and sooth. And then, when the time is right, we release the trauma from our bodies, energetically giving it back to the earth to hold, like feeding compost to our gardens. These energies that are no longer serving us get to be transmuted into something new. Are you ready to shift from holding trauma in our bodies to being full of our own vibrant energy? I’d be honored to support you on your journey. 

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