Art Therapy

Try something different.

You’ve worked with a psychotherapist before, but you want more.

You can’t quite get it all out in words. Maybe you have early, pre-verbal trauma. Or you are working on archetypal metaphors that can’t fully be expressed without imagery. You need to move your body while you are processing.

You need to EXPRESS.

Art Therapy works with the full being by using art materials in the course of a regular psychotherapy session. Using art materials in session allow us to access different parts of our brains and our selves in order to work on a deeper level.

With art therapy, we get to go places that we can’t always access in talk therapy. We work with metaphors, catharsis, pre-verbal trauma, and art materials for soothing the nervous system.

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If you have an area you would like support in, please contact me to set up a FREE 15-minute phone consultation, to see if art therapy and working with me is a good fit for your needs.


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