Post Partum Care

You just had a baby.

It was wonderful. And painful. And miraculous. And nerve-wracking. And transformative — in both nourishing and depleting ways.

Many traditions suggest that the 40 days after childbirth is prime time to nourish and replenish the body from the intense experience it just went through — hormonal shifts, nervous system changes, stretching and tearing.

And deep down, you know that you need nourishment to be the attentive, loving parent you know you can be.

You are conscious of how to care for your body and mind — you exercise, you care about what you consume, you meditate…at least sometimes. You took the time to care for your body while you were pregnant, but aren’t quite sure what you need now.

Something in you knows that you need special care in this sacred time after pregnancy and childbirth

You recognize that your body is once again occupied by only you, and you’re not quite sure how to navigate owning this space again as just your own. 

You want to connect and care for your family fully, and you know that you can’t completely do that until you’ve come back to yourself and healed your body. 

You might be experiencing something that concerns you: changes to your breasts, uterine pain, hormonal changes, a healing birth canal.

It’s okay to support yourself now.

I will provide a nourishing, supportive space to recover after birth. I’ll help you to deeply relax; not just because it feels good, but because it is necessary

Mothers who take this time recover faster and see lasting effects on their health, long after their post-partum time.

What you can expect:

  • Verbal processing. I am trained as a Licensed Professional Counselor and spiritual healer and can hold you in a loving container to process anything that is coming up during this major life transition.
  • Ayurveda abhyanga oil treatment to soothe the body and nervous system.
  • Abdominal massage in order to support your breasts and womb in returning to optimal health. Not only does abdominal massage feel amazing, it supports the “closing of the bones” and the return of the organs to their optimal homes after their displacement during pregnancy.
  • Herbal sitz bath*, with herbs specially formulated to sooth tissues after being stretched and/or torn.
  • Bangkung belly binding**, which feels like a warm hug, to facilitate the lift of the heavy womb.
  • Herbal recommendations to support your healing and transition into motherhood.

Whether this treatment is part of a full 40-day traditional post-partum custom, or the only “you” time you receive while tending to your newborn, it will be supportive of health and recovery. While I wish that every woman had the resources to fully concentrate on her recovery and connection to her little one, I know this is not always the case. I am committed to providing the best care possible for your recovery so that you can live your life however most lights you up.

*This option only included if there is access to a bathtub or sitz bath. This is not included during in-office treatments. In office treatments may include a yoni steam if it is indicated.
**Belly Bind not included. May provide own bind or purchase from me for a one-time cost of $40.
***Cost of session include travel time up to 30-minutes from my office. If you are further than that away, I am work with you with additional travel costs. I typically calculate travel based on the taxi rate for a one-way ride to your home from my office in Denver.

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