Space Clearing

Your space feels stuck.

You’ve felt it in the air. No matter how many times you rearrange your furniture or check in to see which items bring you joy, something is off.

Your space doesn’t align with what you are calling into your life. 

Our spaces hold energy, like shadows of what once took place in the space. When we are ready to rewrite our lives, businesses and homes, these shadows can sometimes become encumbering.

That’s where I come in. 

Through a variety of methods, feeling into what’s being called for, I will support you in clearing your space energetically and setting the intentions for what you want to call in. 

Through sound healing, smudge, or the burning of sacred herbs, and the incorporation of other energetic elements, I will come to you, and clear and transmute the energy of the space. Together, we will then call in, with intentionality, what it is you want in your space- love, abundance, community, joy, freedom…whatever you are wanting to create.

This process makes it easier to access all your flow in home life or work life, so that you can do you without the weight of stagnation burdening what is called to arise.

It’s about you, in your space, in your flow, in your magic, with ease.

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