Wise Womb Healing Sessions

Do you feel stuck inside your body?

Sadly, this is a common experience for many women and people with wombs. 

Your body has been through more than you know how to manage. Your menstrual cycles are full of pain and confusion that make you want to throw in the towel.

Your body holds remnants of violation, of times you said “yes” but meant “no”, of pain from places that you may not even be able to fully grasp.

You want it to be different.

You want to be more connected with your body, your intuition, and your reproductive health and well-being. 

But nothing has helped. You’ve tried all kinds of other treatments. 

There’s a different way

I have a toolkit that can help, and is full of tools you’ve probably never tried

Wise Womb therapy is a treatment that works with the whole of your being.

I will hold you in a gentle, loving container in order for you to do the deep, transformational work of exploring and healing your reproductive organs

Because it is a “hollow, suspensory organ that moves in and out of optimal alignment,” the womb is often out of alignment. Alignment of the womb impacts physical, hormonal, spiritual, and emotional well-being, and all sorts of physical AND emotional occurrences can throw it out of alignment.

I will support you as you gently shift, not only your womb, but your full being into alignment.

What Healing Looks Like

When you feel as stuck as you do, it’s hard to see through to the other side of your struggles. 

This journey can take you a place where you are more connected to your deepest, most authentic self. You can trust the messages your body gives you — from the subtlest “no” to the loudest “FUCK YES.”

You’ll discover those things that support and hold you — your own body, spirit, nature.

You can reach all of that without the pain, angst and nervous system activation that you are so used to.

This healing doesn’t stop with you; it extends to your relationships with others.  Compassion. Forgiveness. Intimacy. Sexual vitality. These are all within your reach.

What sessions are like

Since this work is steeped in Spirit, sessions vary significantly based on your goals and intentions.

We will work together to uncover your desires in coming to this work. A calling to this work suggests that you have a wound that is ready to be healed or a secret that is ready to be uncovered.

Together, we will listen and await the call.

For some clients, we focus solely on the physical aspects: getting the organs into optimal alignment and functioning. For some, this is just one part of the work.

As the session unfolds, I continue to invite intuitive wisdom to our work together, guiding the session moment by moment. As a result, sessions can take many forms as I guide you through the modalities for which your spirit is calling.

While I uphold the freedom to guide the session however you require, sessions generally include:

    • Checking in verbally and grounding yourself in loving presence
    • Inviting in plant allies (alive and dried) to allow you to deepen through their sensuality
    • Sound healing
    • Energy healing
    • Abdominal & Womb healing touch
    • Closing the session together by integrating your experience
    • Guidance on how to deepen your practice outside of session

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