Wise Womb Healing Sessions

Are you ready for something more?

 Are you ready to be fully held to and witnessed in your power?

Do you already know that the keys to leveling up your life are housed here, in your body? 

Your womb holds MAGIC inside of it. 

In a Yoni and Womb Activation Ceremony, my aim is to cut through all the filters and connect you with your inner wisdom, your power, your flow.  

What ceremony looks like

You will begin by getting clear on the intention for ceremony, using sound healing, meditation and subtle plant spirit medicine.

You will then move to your throne, the yoni steam stool, to melt away anything that stands in the way of you connecting to your womb space. As the steam gently rises and the plants give you their blessings, you will notice subtle shifts to your field. 

We will then luxuriously transition to the massage table, where you will align womb, spirit and heart, both on the physical realm and the energetic, through nourishing healing touch and energy work.

I will intuitively support you throughout this process, in whatever way you need.

This ceremony allows enough time to gain clarity, align the physical body, and integrate what you learned in session, so that you can greet the world with your newfound inner wisdom. 


    Who is it for?

    Yoni and Womb Activation Ceremonies are best for you if you are:

    • Wanting support during a life transition
    • Desiring intentionality around the ending of a relationship
    • Wanting to celebrate the passage through a phase of womanhood, especially Menarche or Menopause (I suggest a Motherhood Blessing or Post-Partum session for entering into motherhood.)
    • Wanting to connect with your womb space after a hysterectomy, or other procedures
    • Already clear on your connection to womb energy and wanting more
    • Ready to answer the call in service of the Divine Feminine

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