Yoni Steaming

You want to feel alive.

The media, trauma, medical issues, shame have weighed you down. You are dying to feel that “lightness” that you know is inside of you, somewhere, but you aren’t sure how to access it. 

Yoni steaming has been used traditionally throughout time to support vibrancy and gynecological health in women. It is only in recent years that this practice has become cloaked in mystique. The process of yoni steaming is surprisingly simple – medicinal herbs are heated in purified water to create steam used to support the function of the reproductive system.

Yoni steaming may support:

  • general health of the yoni, cervix, and womb
  • the cleansing of the reproductive system after infection
  • the breaking up of fibroids or cysts
  • a return to health after dysbiosis
  • the regulation of the menstrual cycle, including a rgba(198,202,83,0.56) for many women
  • improved fertility
  • energetic cleansing and protection after a trauma
  • overall relaxation
  • relaxation of tight or inflamed tissues for those with cervicitis and vaginitis
  • more flow, comfort, and well-being
  • more connection to and understanding of your body and reproductive system

How does it work?

Yoni steaming can be added as an adjunct to a womb massage or as an individual session.

You are welcome to try just one session as a “taster” to get you more comfortable with doing the practice at home, or create a treatment plan with Caitlin to apply yoni steaming more regularly.

You don’t need to be a “yoni priestess” to do steams. You just need a bit of information and the confidence to apply the skill at home. That’s where I can support.

When we don’t steam

We don’t steam if a woman is currently experiencing an infection or if she is menstruating. In both instances, steaming can be done before and after these occurrences. We also don’t steam immediately post-partum.

Please consult with me prior to scheduling if you are post-partum, menstruating or have had a recent procedure or infection. 

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