Frequently Asked Questions

Logistical Questions

Where are you located?

My office is located at 855 Inca Street, Denver Colorado. This is known as the Creative Village at Inca Street. My office is off of the kitchen, on the left. When you arrive, please wait in the sitting area, located just inside the front door.

What is parking like at your location?

There is ample parking at my location. Please park in any of the spots located outside the front entrance. Many of these spots say “employee parking only” – just ignore the sign and park freely in any open spots.

What are your hours?

I currently see clients in my office from 9am-6pm Mondays and Thursdays. I have some flexibility in scheduling in-home post-partum sessions, so contact me directly if you’d like to arrange these sessions outside of hours you see available in my online scheduler. I do not offer sessions on weekends.

Will you come to my house for sessions?

Yes! Post-partum sessions are offered in your home and in fact, it is my preference to have these sessions in your home, so that you can stay your new mama cave. Healers have been doing this work in their living rooms, kitchens and backyards for centuries. In keeping with this tradition, I am available in your home. For sessions in your home, you need to provide only the physical space- with enough room to move around the massage table and an electrical outlet. I will create a healing atmosphere and cleanse your space energetically prior to beginning. Plan on being together for two and a half hours to three hours to allow for this preparation and our healing work. While I am open to offering Wise Womb massage in your home, I ask that your first session is in office so we can get comfortable with one another before transitioning to your home. I do not currently offer in-home art therapy sessions, but would be open to this on a case by case basis. I am also open to teaching self-care womb massage workshops in your space, with a minimum of four attendees present. Contact me directly if you have something in mind.

How long are sessions?

Please plan to be together for 1.5-2 hours for Wise Womb and Art Therapy sessions. In home sessions, including post-partum treatments tend to be 2.5-3 hours long. Yoni Steams take about 30 minutes. I also offer Yoni and Womb Activation Ceremonies. These are generally 3 hours long. Please contact me if you are interested in these or want to customize another type of session based on your individual needs.

Womb Massage Questions

Will I be undressed during my womb healing sessions?

During your sessions, I will generally invite you to lay on the massage table, much like you would in a traditional massage with a massage therapist. You are welcome to undress to your comfort level, as I do not practice any internal body work. Oils are used during sessions, so please be conscientious of this if leaving on undergarments.

Can I come for just one session?

Healing takes time. Because of this, I generally suggest a minimum of six sessions over three months. This amount of time is suggested because this is generally the amount of time it takes to see real, sustainable progress. I am invested in your healing and hope that you are able to make a similar investment in yourself. During your first session, you and I will discuss a reasonable timeline for your healing based on your goals and concerns being addressed. Yoni and Womb Activation Ceremonies may be completed alongside regular sessions or as a one time ceremony.

Will you come speak at my business or to my women’s group?

Yes! One of my joys in life is sharing my wisdom about the womb with other women. I fully believe that we must support one another in understanding these complex human bodies more fully. I am open to collaborations with local businesses and offer my 1.5 hour Wise Womb Wellness class for free in these settings. I charge a small teaching fee for private groups. Please contact me to set something up!

Can I receive Womb Healing sessions and Art Therapy with you?

I’m sorry, but no. Due to regulations in the State of Colorado, clients must choose, prior to their first session, which way they’d like to receive support while working with me. I am happy to have a free-15 minute phone consultation with you if you are not sure which type of healing work might be the most beneficial given your goals.

Can I receive Wise Womb massage if I’m pregnant or trying to get pregnant?

Yes! Wise Womb massage is highly supportive of those trying to conceive. At this time, I am not offering pre-natal sessions unless I have been working with you prior to your conception. I am happy to make referrals to other providers of pre-natal womb massage.

Can I bring my baby to my session?

Yes! You are welcome to bring your newborn to your post-partum session. I generally suggest that someone else be present to support the baby, so that you can really focus on your healing. Realistically, this is not always the case. Baby’s often need to breastfeed during sessions and other family members can’t always be around to help out. While sessions with childcare typically go deeper, we will still tend fully to your healing if your little one is present. I suggest that you attempt to feed your baby immediately before the session, or as we are talking at the beginning of the session. That way your baby will hopefully allow you more uninterrupted time on the massage table prior to needing another feeding or changing.

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